On Prayer

But Yahweh is in His Holy Temple. Let all the earth keep silence before Him. Habakkuk 2:20 Learning the Art of Prayer My prayer life has evolved in ways I could never have imagined it would. I do not remember the first time I caught myself talking to Yahweh – just right out loud for anyone to hear as if there were another person in the room. I am certain it began in a fit of frustration, of feeling...

The Sanctuary of Silence

God is in Heaven and you on Earth. Therefore, let your words be few. I pray these words over my household,  pray them over myself.   I am learning silence is a better way.   It suits me better anyway. I try to make this common practice. My eyes fall upon these words  as I enter our home and when I sit to share a meal,  those words, they hang above my head as humbly, with grateful blessings, I speak to...

A Walk in the Woods

In the early morning, He waits. Marco does not.  He nudges a nose, cold and wet, under the edge of the quilt, searching for my bare arm. My feet are quick to hit the wooden floor because this hour is sweet.  This is my time for peace and solitude before the waking of husband and son, before the brewing of coffee, before the ringing of the phone. and the Blackberry, Thank you Sweet Jesus, is nowhere to be...

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