God’s Good and Perfect Gifts

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of Lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning. ~ James 1:17 njkv

This weekend I was in a mood.  

You know exactly what I mean when I say this because we have all been there at some point.  It is what I refer to as a funk because I could not shake it no matter how much I prayed, no matter what I did.  I whined a lot.  I cried a lot. And to my husband’s horror, he heard most of it.  Maybe more than most of it.  I spent three days in the garden which should have been just planting flowers, but there was so much work to be done.  How do weeds grow so fast?  I think this was my major whine to God…How can something that as I see it have no purpose grow so fast and choke out all the good and beautiful things my garden has to offer?  I saw a sign the other day, it read “Garden of Weedin’.”  I should have bought it. The weeding took two and a half days and the flower planting took thirty minutes.  In my opinion, this is not a fair balance and I sure let God (and my husband) know about it…for two and a half days.

At the end of it all, I had to check myself because I have nothing really ever to whine over.  So I want to share with you, all the places I found God this three-day weekend and I want you to reflect the rest of the day where you found God.  It may take some looking depending on your weekend, but I can promise you He was there whether you realized it or not.  So here is the partial list…

My husband, after working all day, came home Friday night and helped me dig a little corner garden in the front yard so that I could plant my lavender.  I found a red lavender that I had no idea existed in this world.  I thought it was all, well, lavender.

Saturday morning, the cloud cover lessened the heat index while I worked all day.

The bumble bees buzzed around my African Blue Basil before it was even planted in the ground.  They were happy and that made me happy.

As I yanked weeds in the front garden, little white butterflies fluttered around the Walker’s Low Cat Mint as the sweet aroma of the mint filled the garden.

The honey bees have returned to my yard once again this year feasting on the clover that is overtaking the grass.  If it is successful, then I will never have to mow it again.  It might happen as soon as next year.

The geraniums smelled sweet.

All the spiders ran in the opposite direction from where I was standing, sitting or kneeling.

I did not see one snake.

Praying for spider and snake protection really works.

The sprig of apple mint my mom gave me last year, that I was sure would not make it through the winter of unprecedented snow fall, has grown into a huge clump and smells really good when my garden window is open in the kitchen.

All my Stella D’Oro Day lilies are blooming.

My Rosemary survived the winter and I can’t wait to grill up some chicken and use it.  Soon.

A beautiful blue and black butterfly landed on a bush in my backyard and it stayed put long enough for me to grab my camera and take pictures.  It even opened it wings and rested.

I found every possible variety of heirloom tomato plant that exists and they are all planted in what used to be the Garden of Weedin’.

The shed that was torn down two weeks ago has given me a perfect spot for a fountain and pond (and I won’t even have to do one bit of digging) so that I have a water source for my honey bees.

Next year for Mother’s Day, I am getting my very own bee hive.

Last night when my husband was rubbing lotion into my sunburned back while I winced, he told me I looked sexy.

Reverse Cloud watching.  Really?  I know, right.  But just as I was drifting off to sleep, I looked out my bedroom window and realized something that never before had I noticed – reverse cloud watching.  The clouds were moving in and they were those wispy ones that swirl round and about.  These particular clouds outlined a perfect octopus.  It looked as if it were swimming gracefully through the water.  I could even see two stars that looked like eyes.  There were even some circular clouds along the tentacles that looked like the suckers.  It seemed so fluid and beautiful there in the heavens above me.  

And then, like any really good cloud watching moment, it moved on and changed its shape.  And so did my mood.  It did give me pause to appreciate that everything that comes from God is good and perfect.  Even when we fail to recognize it, appreciate it or whine through it.  It reminded me that God is always there and He is willing to give me gifts even when I do not deserve them or ask for them.  He is always there, ready and waiting, with a little surprise like Reverse Cloud Watching.  

Just because He can.  

Just because He is good even when I am not.
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3 Responses to “God’s Good and Perfect Gifts”

  1. Marye says:

    I can relate to this blog… weeds are no fun! Red Lavendar… sounds great! Did you like Debaggio's??

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I loved it! My garden is looking good….

  3. annchastain says:

    This mood is certainly no stranger to each of us. God is truly wonderful and He is faithful to love us no matter what our mood and then wonder of wonders He rewards us with special gifts of beauty.

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