In God’s Presence

Elizabeth Marchman Flower #29
You will show me the path of life; In your presence is fullness of joy; At Your right hand are pleasures forevermore. ~ Psalms 16:11 nkjv

Today I found God in a dragonfly.

Let me start at the beginning.  Yesterday, my husband was telecommuting because he had a doctor’s appointment in the middle of the day.  On his way back into the house from said appointment, he was intercepted by our neighbor.  It seems that in his opinion our yard needed to be cut and apparently there was a weed that needed to be pulled and he was offering his services.  My husband, of course, explained and declined, then felt the need to relay the entire conversation to me as I prepared our lunch.

And that is when the fight began.

All I was supposed to be doing yesterday afternoon was writing.  Not worrying about the length of the grass or weeds in the herb garden.  I wanted to do it all at my pace:  a couple of hours each morning and then inside to write. A speaker at the writing conference this weekend made a brilliant statement and one I whole heartedly believe:  If the devil can’t make you bad, he will make you busy.  Well, yesterday, he made me both.

Elizabeth Marchman Flower #30

Angry words flew from my mouth.  There might have even been some cursing in there too – although I would take the 5th if asked directly.  I was so mad that I would not have been surprised if fire had spewed from within.  I riddled my husband with questions faster than he could respond.  “Did you tell him I was AWAY this weekend?  Did you tell him that LOGAN was SUPPOSED to do it before he left for Colorado?  Did you tell him that I am trying to PRIORITIZE?  Did you tell him that I DO NOT want HIM in MY yard cutting the grass or in MY garden for any reason?”  All of which my poor husband, who unwillingly had been caught in the middle of a battle of wills between my neighbor and myself, replied, “Yes to all of that.  Maybe I should leave and finish my day at the office???” And the only thing I could think of to say was, “maybe” as I stomped out of the room and I can honestly say that the devil made me say it.  Because in this case, he was trying to make me busy, but instead he made me bad.  Randy didn’t leave and later, I slunk upstairs to apologize.  He worked and I wrote and the rest of the day was quite pleasant.  We had a lovely evening.

Elizabeth Marchman Flower #31

This morning, however, as I laid in the bed waiting for the alarm to sound, I began making excuses to God about how I had so much to do and I wasn’t going to write today.  I was trying to prepare Him and I used yesterday as Exhibit A.  In the back of my mind, the devil played his familiar tune reminding me of all the things that I could get done today if I would just get my to-do list out and get busy checking off items.  Then, God asked me the all important question: “Yesterday he made you bad, today are you going to let him make you busy?”

I got up and dressed in my work clothes.  I cut the grass and worked in the lavender bed at the corner of the yard.  Gathering up weeds, satisfied that my work was done in under two hours, the devil began to taunt me.  “Are you stopping now?  There is still work to be done.”  I thought for a moment, almost ready to cave in, but refusing to, knowing that God expected me to be obedient and spend my afternoon writing.  And that is when it happened.

Elizabeth Marchman Dragon Fly #1

A dragonfly flew right into my path.  I waited for a moment.  He landed on a wagon handle.  I watched in amazement as he sat perfectly still.  I wanted so much to run inside and get my camera, but feared that when I returned, he would be gone.  I decided to take the chance.  When I returned, he was still perched there.  I took a few pictures wishing that he had landed a few feet over in the garden and suddenly, up he darted and dropped over onto the rose bush.  Thrilled, I continued to snap away, picture after picture.  It was almost as if he was just sitting there posing for me.  He would flutter his wings and then lift his tail.  He was beautiful.  His tail was periwinkle – my favorite color.  His head was the most gorgeous green, his wings iridescent.  He was the most perfect dragonfly I have ever seen.  I turned around and there were more flying around, but he is the only one that sat still for a picture.
Elizabeth Marchman Dragon Fly #2

It was then that I realized.  I was in the presence of God.  I miss it a lot because my angry tongue gets the best of me.  I miss it a lot as I move from task to task.  This morning, God decided to grace me with His presence when I needed help to edge out the thoughts the devil taunted me with.  I know He is always on my side.  But this morning, He was telling me, “I know you would rather play in the garden all day and be in the summer sun.  But you are choosing to be obedient to what I am calling you to do so I will give you a little gift that I know will thrill you and excite you.”  And He was right.  It did thrill me and excite me. 

Elizabeth Marchman Squirrel

Today I found God in a dragonfly. Today I found fullness of joy in God’s presence.Today I caught a glimpse of the pleasures at His right hand that will be forevermore because He delights in me.  Today I can walk the path of obedience that God lays before me in spite of the devil’s dirty tricks because God’s path is life and beauty and abundance.  By the way, outside my window is another little reminder from God of His ever-presence.  As I type these last words, a squirrel is sitting up on the limb of my apple tree eating an apple.

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