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If you keep on biting and devouring eat other, you will be destroyed by each other. ~ Galatians 5:15


Yesterday afternoon, I found God in a subway tunnel.
Randy and I took the Metro down to Arlington to his office so he could pick up some files he needed for the weekend.  When we arrived at the Courthouse station and began to exit the train to his office, Randy grabs my hand and says to me, “There is a guy we will pass in a few minutes – he plays his guitar and sings Jesus songs.”  We ascended the stairs and swiped our cards at the turnstile. As we rounded the corner,  heading for the tunnel that runs under the street to his office building, I could hear the music.  Softly, quietly it drifted and swirled around me pulling me forward to the center of the tunnel where it splits off into different directions. His sweet voice carried simple words, but friend, they were such powerful words. 
“Jesus, I want to be in Your presence. 
Jesus, I want to know you. 
Jesus, I want you to fill me up with Your love.” 

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As we drew nearer to him, I could feel love and encouragement in my heart.  As the words he sang made my heart swell, I let the rest of everything fall away – the stress, the anxiety, the problems to big for me to handle, the meanness of the world, the fear that keeps me in idle much too often- I just let it go.  And for the few brief moments as we passed by him, I truly felt God whispering to my heart.
“Here I am.  I will take your problems because they are not to big for me.  I will take your stress and your anxiety, your worry and your fear.  I will take your doubt.  I will use it to build you up and never let you down.  Trust me.”
As we continued to walk through the tunnel under the street, the music faded slowly away.  We emerged into the sunshine of late afternoon.  I felt grateful.  I felt peaceful.  Would it last? I did not know. 
When we re-entered the train station, retracing our steps, the music slowly, quietly began to drift through the tunnels to me once again.  God showed me how this man had placed himself strategically in the center of the station’s tunnels where Jesus’ name could be heard throughout.  I began to think about how God places us in a certain time and place for His specific purposes.  We may never know this side of Heaven who we affect with our actions – good or bad, but I believe if we are obedient to our calling and the ministry God has laid before us, then the outcome is change.  
Changed hearts.  
Changed minds.  
Changed lives. 
Changed for the good, not the bad.  Is that not enough for us to know?  Should we not, every one of us whatever our beliefs are, just try to be a source of encouragement to one another?  Should we not always try our very best to show kindness and love to another fellow human being?  Should we not care about another’s burdens and show them what God can do with those burden’s?

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He can take them, crush them and make us whole. I think I will let Him take mine.  Will you?
When I passed by this man, each time I felt a holiness and reverence that had been missing in the rest of my day. I felt it because Jesus was with him.  It made me want to touch this man in the subway tunnel as if I might draw on his love for Jesus, might benefit somehow from his obedience, that somehow magically it could be transferred directly to me with just a mere touch. I wanted what he had in Jesus, but I did not have to touch him to get it.  Because Jesus was present and He made Himself available to me in the busiest of times to calm and refresh my heart, ease my worries and anxieties. He filled me up with His peace and love and all I had to do was exist in His presence.  It is the most beautiful thing to experience and I want to encourage you to seek Him out today.  Let Jesus love and spoil you with His perfectness and His beauty. Let it be today.

May you exist in a showering of His Peace and love, 
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3 Responses to “Beautiful”

  1. Jen says:

    I've never really thought about the concept of being spoiled by Jesus. thank you for that gift!

    Can't wait to meet you at She Speaks.

  2. Marty says:

    Love your post and your site, Elizabeth. Having moved from a larger city to a rural, small town setting in the Blue Ridge Mountains 6 years ago, your words remind me once again that true and lasting Peace is greater than our circumstances and is found anywhere He is – in the midst of the hustle and bustle of city life or in the midst of the solitude of nature…It's all about His Presence…and aren't we grateful??!

    Looking forward to seeing you at She Speaks. Visit me at http://www.rhythmsofhisgrace.com if you want.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you both for your kind and encouraging words. I love connecting and sharing all the wonderful things God does in my life. He spoils me a lot!!

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