Blue Fish and Grace

Two days ago, I bought some cheap therapy.  This was not some pre-meditated act on my part.  It was rather spontaneous, and actually, inadvertent.  I might not have even done it had I not seen how effective it was with my very own eyes.  Standing in the pet store, looking at little crowntail betas, I remembered the moment.  I do not remember the place, but I was alone wishing I could just go home to closed doors, pen and paper, stillness.  It was then I saw the fish, swimming gracefully through the water, unaware of the chaos that shuffled about.  Completely unconcerned with little more than swimming they were, and it occurred to me, what if I was completely unconcerned with little more than being a good Jesus –loving girl?


Would the anxieties go away, the worries cease? Would I be more focused if I were only focused on Him? How far would it extend? Would I be able to extend grace to those that hurt me with their words, their anger? I watch Blue Fish swim up for a breath of air, up for the food I drop in the water, up when I sit at my desk as back and forth she swims with delicate grace. How many times have I looked up today?  Not enough.  Not nearly enough. I hope one day it will be instinct to just hit my knees in reverence and look up, absorb all that grace as it falls down upon me in the silence of His stillness, His peace.


So I see in the intimate creative design in the midst of a chaotic universe, He gifts me Blue Fish to remind me to look up, to Him, first. Always first.


Blue Fish, a crown-tailed beta

Before I think.


Before I speak.


Before I react.


Restrain the hurt I feel and look up to ask for wisdom and discernment, not justification for my hurt feelings.  But if I am focused on loving Jesus, His love swirls about me like autumn leaves in a breeze.  And those hurt feelings? They melt away because within that love is the wisdom we sought and we see with His eyes for a moment.


And in that moment imbued with grace, forgiveness comes.


In the words of Jude 2,

Mercy, peace and love be multiplied to you.


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2 Responses to “Blue Fish and Grace”

  1. Rachelle says:


    What a beautiful website you have! This truly is a haven of peace in a chaotic world…it was a blessing connecting with you at She Speaks last weekend!


    • Elizabeth says:

      Hi Rachelle. Thank you so much for visiting and I am glad you like the site. It was a pleasure to hang out and worship with you. So glad we have Lynn in common to introduce us. Peace and Love, Elizabeth

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