In the Garden

It is hard to believe that autumn is settling in and making herself comfortable.  This summer has passed by in a whirl leaving me grasping onto the last warm days before it is too cool for me to be in the garden.


This week I tended to a couple of gardens I neglected.  It had been something to dread.  I could see the weeds thriving, especially after all the rain Irene dropped on us.  I feared the weeds had choked out all the hard work from last summer.


But I ought to have known better.  There was nothing to fear.  Life was abundant in the garden this week.  Bees buzzed and butterflies fluttered and grasshoppers perched themselves on aster to bask  in the late summer afternoon sun.


I pulled weeds and found that my perennials were just fine.  They had managed to push up and through the weeds after finding shelter in them during the hotter days in August.  My neglect had actually protected them from the lack of rain and kept them in place when the rain flooded my back yard.


So I marveled at the beauty around me in the velvety lamb’s ear and the red yarrow and the lavender thriving.  My chrysanthemums are budding and blooming in rich reds and maroons, pinks and yellows.  Some are orange like sunsets and some have blooms like daisies.


This week I found God in an unkempt garden.  I found Him in the rich soil tilled by worms and bugs.  I found Him in a butterfly’s wing and a grasshoppers stillness. I found Him as my fingers moved across the softness of lamb’s ear that has filled in the crumbling stones around the garden’s border.  I found Him in the sunshine shining down on me and in the breeezes that cooled me.


So now it is your turn.  Where did you find God this week?

As always,

mercy, peace and love

be multiplied to you,


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