God and the Honeybee

O taste and see that the Lord is good:  blessed is the man that trusts in Him

~ Psalm 34:8

I tend to wait until everything is perfect to get started on anything.  I am pensive and an extraordinary procrastinator. I have the ability to strategize to exhaustion and I capitalize on it. God knows this all too well.  Some might analyze this as a perfectionist complex or a fear of failure.  I say it is lack of trust, a sore lacking of faith.

I write and wonder who reads the words and what they may stir in a mind’s quiet moment.  I pray to God for more words and new places to find Him.  And on a rainy January afternoon, He answers with a gift of honeybees.

I know. I am as surprised as you are.  I did not expect this either.  I was diligently praying for a hive. But God loves to gift surprises.  So grab a cup of tea and settle in for a moment, let me tell you how I found God at Honeybee School.

I ride the winding roads across the mountain to the Woody Gap School in Suches, Georgia.  I worry the pouring rain might dampen our chance to hang out with the bees, might we be given the opportunity.  I watch the misty fog cling to the sleeping landscape like thin white cotton candy and I hope the day yields more than knowledge of a honeybee’s life.  I pray words will flow like honey from the comb once I am still.  I talk to Mom as she drives, silently plan what I might write although I know one cannot plan where God will show up, but must issue the invitation, wait patiently, be still.

I find it is easy to be still once inside a cozy auditorium with 50 other people, each hanging on every word. And because we are so smitten, so in love with the honeybee, being anywhere else at the moment would be, well, inconvenient.  And yes, the promise so hoped for, has just been dangled like a prize before us – if the weather permits, we will indeed go visit the honeybees.

A flood descends, fat drops splatter violently against the panes.  And I wait in stillness, awed by the intimate detail with which God designed the honeybee. 

The one fact that sinks in deep, roots itself in thought has only a little to do with the honeybee: a parasite does not kill its host and in my notes I write a thought so clear, the devil is a parasite.  I have all day to dwell in this revelation.  After lunch the rains begin to clear, leave a heavy mist hanging around the mountain tops and cold breezes swirling about us as we walk to the honeybee hive.  We watch the smoke swell in the wind and the bees fly around, investigate the people gathered in their midst.  Honeybees rest on hats and jackets and buzz happy.  In the cold mist, peace descends.

It is important now that you see the creativity with which God spurs us on to His will for our lives.

First, a secret.  I rarely win prizes.  Standard practice is to never buy a raffle ticket.  But I bought a book and a hive was being raffled off. Did I mention how badly I wanted that hive?  So in desperation, I bought four.

As all the other nice quiet students are sauntering to the front to graciously accept their prizes, I stare intently at my numbers all lined up, believing God heard my prayers and explanations of way I need the hive not the bees because I need more time. I hear, “141” and  before I can restrain myself, I hop up and shout, “that’s me!” with my hand waving ticket in the air.  Too excited to be embarrassed, I rush to the front to receive my hive.  I am handed a sheet of paper.  I am sitting in my seat before I realize I have not won a hive at all.  I have won honeybees.

Mom says laughing, “Guess you better look at the hives.” 

But response is not possible when I realize God is speaking to me so truthfully.  What He says is always worth cherishing , always worth repeating.  With this gift, God tells me I was built for courage, strength and faith; for months now, I traded it for fear and striving, questioning and doubting.  Churning spins faith thin and my parasite eats well.  For most of my life, I have spread a banquet before my enemy fueling his war against me.

Yet, God says I do not have to wait to taste the sweetness of His gifts. No perfect circumstances or extensive planning is needed. Faith, He says, is all I need and promises to grow it in sweet Sonlight as long as I simply believe.



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2 Responses to “God and the Honeybee”

  1. Mary says:

    Which came first the honeybee or the hive??? Well that is so exciting that you have your bees! How fun! What type of hive are you going to get? I love this blog! Miss you!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Mary. Honey bees I suppose..lol. Thanks for nurturing and teaching me all about organic gardening. I will have healthy honeybees. Now I need a name for my honey labels. God is so good to me. miss you too!

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