A Walk in the Woods

In the early morning, He waits.

Marco does not.  He nudges a nose, cold and wet, under the edge of the quilt, searching for my bare arm.

My feet are quick to hit the wooden floor because this hour is sweet.  This is my time for peace and solitude before the waking of husband and son,

before the brewing of coffee,

before the ringing of the phone.

and the Blackberry, Thank you Sweet Jesus, is nowhere to be found.

Sleepy-eyed I rub his ears, get dressed, gather hat and mitten, scarf and coat.  Marco follows, nails clacking against the floor, me shushing, begging him to be still, to be quiet. Out the door, Marco lunges for squirrels, birds fly to the trees. Through the woods we amble, quietly, not much to say with words and woofs, but our hearts they expand fully in the presence of God.  Marco – he is grateful, his nose rustling pine straw and leaves stirring scents of rabbits and raccoons. In the woods of his new home, there is no shortage of trees.  He strides forward happy, content, with an occasional glance back to me, as if to say, “Gee life’s great.  You aren’t missing this are ya?”

Winds blow dark, clouded skies this day.  But God, He whispers snowflakes upon us and the morning becomes intimate, private.  Marco begs to venture off the trail, go deeper into the woods.  Happy to oblige, I follow him as through an enchanted forest we walk as winter branches reach out snagging hair and scarf.

Soon, I am lost in prayer so that I might follow Him for my day.

Oh please let today be filled with Your love.

Oh please let today be filled with Your peace.

Oh please Lord, let today be filled with You.

Oh please let today Your Words slip off my tongue so that others might know Your Goodness.

In this stillness, I fear the power of the broken places in me that gust like the biting wind, until Jesus whispers, “There is no reason for concern, today just follow Me. 

And today your love will overflow, today your peace will be unending, today I will bless you infinite. 

Today, child, you will be testament to my goodness.”

His words laden with grace warm my spirit, give me hope that I am not broken beyond His repair, allow me to accept my imperfectness within the perfectness of my creator. In the afternoon, the sun shines bright and Marco is already thinking ahead.  Tomorrow early morning peace awaits and Jesus knows, we will meet Him there.


Where do you spend your quiet time with God and what words does He speak to you?

Mercy, peace and love be multiplied to you,


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2 Responses to “A Walk in the Woods”

  1. ashlea burdette says:

    I have my quite time with God at night before i go to bed or when i wake up in the morning before i get out of bed God loves to b praised in the morning or so i have been taught, or driving down the road on long trips. Depending on what i am seeking through my time he will answer by telling me to not be weary in well doing, he also reminds me to forgive others as i expect him to forgive me. I can’t read your blogs all the time because i don’t have a pc but when my phone will allow me to read your blogs i have really enjoyed reading them.
    Thank You

    • Elizabeth says:

      I am honored you stop by when you are able. Your words here bless me today. Galatians 6:9 is an old favorite verse for me. I love the last part of v.8 “…but he who sows to the Spirit will of the Spirit reap everlasting life.” It took me too many years to appreciate the peace I am blessed with by just reading His Word. I notice positive changes in myself and realize it is nothing more than simple quiet time with God nurturing me- such a simple thing to pray or read the Bible – our spirits just drink it in, yet for me it took years to understand its importance. Thanks again for visiting…hope you are able to visit again soon. Peace and Blessings – Elizabeth

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