The Sanctuary of Silence

God is in Heaven and you on Earth. Therefore, let your words be few.
Ecclessiates Scripture on chalkboard

reminder that God's wisdom is infinite and mine is not

I pray these words over my household,
 pray them over myself.  
I am learning silence is a better way. 
 It suits me better anyway.
I try to make this common practice.
My eyes fall upon these words 
as I enter our home
and when I sit to share a meal,
 those words,
they hang above my head as humbly,
with grateful blessings,
I speak to Him.
Though the world and its people
are unpredictable,  uncontrollable….
sanctuary has been gifted.
Wading through the muck of another’s mean words,
it is then I remember…..
Elizabeth at Honey Bee School

attending the Queen at Honey Bee School

Our words are just puffs of air
most are the meaningless, mindless chatter of opinion,
of gossip,
words run amok 
drowning the tongue’s self-control 
flowing across lips in a waterfall of hurt and mean,
dashing the beauty of what is growing under God’s Omnipotent Hand.
Tim Cruse's honeybees

the honeybee's exquisite and precious art.

With a puff of air, God breathes and speaks the world into existence.
With a puff of air,  
my words are meaningless
and I am small.
I long for my words to create
not be rote in reply, 
not be old habits in motion that stunt growth and happiness.
Unless my words are grown from Holy roots, 
they dare not sprout and be loosed to thrive.
Elizabeth inspecting hives at Honey Bee school

experiencing the divine uniqueness of God

I pray protection over the unholy words spoken to me,
another’s chaotic din rising in wails,
beg they dare not be let to thrive as kudzu consuming
my dream,
 my peace,
my happiness,
my patience and waiting in His stillness.
It is not a requirement of thoughts they be birthed as words if they are not worthy of creation.
One day, all will be held accountable to the thoughts that leave lips 
in words of destruction 
in words of creation.
front porch steps spring flowers

front porch steps are a good place to hang out with God

What kind of words will you be held accountable for?

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