The Sowing of Holy and Eternal Gifts


A friend gave me a card and on the envelope was written, “Respond to God’s Artistry”. I stashed the envelope in my journal. Long forgotten, one rainy afternoon it slipped from between fluttering pages and drifted into my lap; a gift of permission in my present chaos to meander my thoughts as God presented them to me.

So in an empty house shining with finite and rare quiet moments, I sat in stillness waiting on God.

And I began to ponder what might God’s Artistry be? Wondered how I might respond. God, being faithful and true, honored my stillness and silence with a response: the depth of our discipleship determines our ability to follow God’s will; and we are unique only because God is infinitely unique and we respond to Him with our own distinct and extraordinary spirits. And I now have this theory that our creative response to God is what places us in this unique position to respond appropriately.

As women, we have been gifted a special place of influence and we are called to nurture an environment of love. And just how do we begin to do this, to influence and nurture love?

We show up to meet with God. We linger in Christ’s presence every opportunity we are given. This is why: it is only when we leave the worldly part of ourselves and step into the stillness of God’s presence as a child filled with curiosity that true intimacy with God begins. In turn, He will answer our whys with beautiful, unique blessings.

If we want God to bless us, it is imperative we show up to receive what He gifts. No matter their form, God’s gifts are always born out of love and we must be present in every moment to capture it. Showing up is not always easy especially when you are facing difficulty, tragedy or uncertain circumstances. Sometimes it seems God is not hearing one prayer you pray, not seeing one tear you cry. Sometimes, it might even seem that He has given up on you. In these heart-breaking times is when we must show up. These are the very times we must be bold to harness the power, the strength and the courage of Christ. This is when we must prepare to meet God each day. Even if we do not feel worthy enough or strong enough, we must show up and face Him. This is where we learn our worth to the Father. It is where we soak up strength and courage from the Son. This is where the Holy Spirit begins to stir the complacency in our lives to spur growth.

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. Against such, there is no law. ~ Galatians 5:22

I want to bear fruit in every thought I think, in every word I communicate, and in every deed I commit to fulfill. And because against such there is no law, no one can tell me to not be loving, joyous, peaceful, patient, kind, good, faithful, and gentle or to not exhibit self-control. Such a command would be absurd and surely I would not take it seriously. But what influence would we be able to have among those with whom we interact if we held ourselves accountable to a standard based upon this verse?

These are just the thoughts of an afternoon spent in the silence of tapping raindrops, but they encouraged me to work towards the most perfect state of grace I could muster in this sin-filled world. The only way I know to cultivate and harvest the fruits of the Spirit are by sowing them. When harvesting from the Holy Spirit’s infinite garden, we become transformed and by sowing those seeds with grace, we are able to positively change any circumstance for the better. I know at times I have refused to show grace, my patience has been fleeting, my love conditional, my joy too often replaced by anger, and in those times, the peace God so freely gave to me, could not reign in my life. And the love He gave me to share? Too often it was as depleted as a dried up well because I was so needy for God.

I know God is faithful and gentle and good, and I should be too, but I was committed to striving and striving is wasted energy; to recycle striving into stillness, prayer and obedience is not a waste, it is spiritual growth that leads us into maturity.

If we closely guard our spirits and allow the Holy Spirit a place to thrive in our lives, then we place ourselves in the most advantageous position to live the exceptional existence God desires for us. Obedience becomes innate to our spirit and as Jesus slowly perfects us, He enables us to positively influence others within God’s will and break the bonds of sin that seek to destroy our lives and the lives of those around us.

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