Perfection Defined


Some might see imperfection in this picture; others might think its consideration unworthy of little more than a glance. I see different. I see God’s provision to His created beings.

From its leafy beginning to beyond its elegant bloom, this flower is giving the very best of what it has to offer to what surrounds it. Honey bees gather pollen and nectar, swallowtails rest upon its velvety petals eating lunch, finches will pluck seeds for breakfast.

What is left is something a little worn, a little scarred that exudes a lot of graceful beauty, a glimmer of truth.

God created us to be like this plant, thriving under His omnipotent provision of life; He created us to be givers not takers; He created us to love even when we are not loved.

And so, as it is, the world leaves us a little worn, a little scarred; no doubt a little empty, a little lost.

Though, in what is missing, I see what has been able to thrive. This unique gem will not ever cease to give; the uneaten seed will fall to emerge in the spring and begin its work again. I look upon the nibbled petals and wonder what is cultivated in my spirit by the takers of this world; what beauty might be brought forth within my willingness to abide in God’s lavish agape love each moment , for He is the only One who can bring beauty from ashes.

I wonder…..

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2 Responses to “Perfection Defined”

  1. ashlea burdette says:

    I think much like the flower through all my scars and pain that God uses that to create something new inside me and makes me stronger. I once asked a friend of mine why God has put me through so much because I’ve been through more than most people have to go through in a life time, she said because God doesn’t want weak people in his army.
    Love reading your articles

    • Elizabeth says:

      it is wonderful to hear from you again. Your words, “God doesn’t want weak people in His army.”, how very true. I have been through some trials myself and experience yet another in this time, but I know God is there. I see Him move and breathe His will into my life. Every trial strengthens us. Though in the beginning and during the trial, it often does not seem that way. It can be exhausting. As I find rest in God, I find that it is easier and easier to lie down in peace. A favorite scripture that hangs over my bed is this,
      “I will lie down and sleep in peace, for You alone O Lord, make me dwell in safety.” Psalm 4:8
      God bless you with peace and love this day and always,

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