The Salt and The Light

for Omar,

who is far away and wants to be home


In a service about honoring others, my pastor reminded us that we are called to be the salt and the light.

All afternoon, I rested in this place wrestling forgiveness and sacrifices and the things I am called to in the midst of injustices and hurts I am exposed to, that I see, that break my heart.

We are not called to be comfortable with another’s maliciousness or to overlook it.

Yet, at the same time, we must have compassion towards those who wound us even when understanding eludes us.

And that is what sets us apart.

God sees this, that such injustice breaks our hearts and we can not overlook it.

At the core we are all rotten and that’s why we so desperately all need Jesus.

Can you see it?

The beauty of it all,

 the redemption drenched in such immaculate grace.

And we have chosen it.

These are things we ought to pray, that one day all will experience intervention in a divine and unique way that can never be misunderstood so at once each will come to know truth and redeeming love.

This is why we pray and ask God the hard questions and plead with Him to set things right.

This is why we wait so the Holy Spirit can move effortlessly on our behalf.

All we must do is be still and know His awesome power and radiate love even to those we innately want to rail against because God will fight for us.

For He will always set right what has become  a skewed.

This is why God can use us, because we are salty and His light can pierce the darkness through us.

It is why He opened our eyes to it in the first place.

Rest in this.

He is faithful and good.



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