Peace in the Chaos

Be still and know that I am Elohim ~ Psalm 46.10

In a world that is filled with chaos and despair that flows over into our homes and our hearts leaving us unsettled.

In a world of pandemics and lockdowns, riots and civil unrest that leave many riddled with anxiety and fear and uncertainty.

Remember this…

The Ancient of Days still sits upon His heavenly throne reigning over everything that has been, everything that is, everything that will be. 

Everything in this worldly realm my be in flux and ruled by disorder, but Adonai is the One Who creates and brings order. He is not caught off guard by the events unfolding. He allows them for His good purposes and His glory. 

Never forget our Shepherd sits at His right hand. Can you hear His voice?

The voice that calls, “Come. Follow me.”

The voice that instructs, “Love God and love your neighbor.”

The voice that commands the waves of the sea, “Be still.” And they obey.

Now is the time for reminders. Always is the time for prayer, for focus, for meditating upon the Scriptures. It is long past time for us to be steeped in the Word of Adonai and not the chaos of the world. 

Because there is only One who is omnipotent. There is only One Who is immutable, immortal, trustworthy, wise. And He neither sleeps nor slumbers. 

So be still. 

Know He is your Elohim.

Trust in Him and in Him alone.

And as always, may mercy, peace, and love be multiplied to you


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