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It all started with a dream; scripture waving like a flag in the midst of darkness.

And it was lost on me.

A friend gave good counsel. “Right there in your Bible. Write. It. Down. Date it. So you don’t forget. Otherwise, you will.”

So I wrote it down. So I did not forget.

And often as I flipped through pages wearing thin with study, there it would be. The note; it’s meaning as elusive as ever like some endangered wild beast risking extinction in the jungle of my ignorance.

Elizabeth Marchman Flower 4Years pass.

Eight. Long. Years.

Eight questioning years. Eight years praying for revelation. Eight more years of my life, drifting in and out of church and denomination after denomination, searching for truth to a lifetime of questions that remained unanswered.

Then a year ago, without warning, truth comes roaring like a freight train bearing down. It’s presence undeniable and I stood dumbstruck in its path.

And what could I do?

As words are being spoken and scripture being shared, all I could do was stand awe struck at Adonai’s omnisciently perfect timing. Here was Yeshua, asking me to abandon everything I thought I knew to be truth. And all I could hear was Him calling to me,

“Here is the moment you prayed for. So now…. Come. Follow. Me.”

How could I possibly say no? I couldn’t; not any more than Matthew and Luke or Peter and John could have said no.

So I said yes.

Elizabeth Marchman - What I believeAnd I finally understand what Yeshua meant when He said, “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.”

And I have never been more free.

To walk in truth is to conduct myself to Adonai’s holy standard, not the world’s. To walk in truth means to live set apart and living set apart looks nothing like mainstream, westernized Christianity. To be a Christian is to be a disciple of Yeshua and to follow and live by the example He set when He walked on this earth as we teach other’s to do the same.  The Father’s ways are specific and Yeshua’s example perfect; with the law written on my heart and the Holy Spirit’s help, I have no excuse to not live as Adonai instructs. In Peter’s writings, I am reminded when he quotes Leviticus, to be holy for God is holy. The only way to understand holiness is to study the Scriptures and as I learn Adonai’s ways, apply them to my life. Sanctification is a life long process. I can not live perfectly as Yeshua did; you see, that is what grace is for – to cover my mistakes as I learn to walk as He walked.

Elizabeth Marchman - AboutIt is my hope that you will join me on this journey as a fellow truth seeker and disciple. It is my prayer that God speaks truth to you through the words I write; that those words are a starting point for your own truth seeking journey as you delve into His word.

And just like the Berean’s tested Paul to confirm what he taught aligned with the Torah and the Prophets, I ask that you also test everything I write and only hold fast to what is truth and to what is good. If you find I have made an error or do not have full understanding of a topic, I invite you to comment for open discussion until we both understand truth.

Mercy, Peace, and Love be multiplied to you,


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